Art Market Canada was started to create a community and a resource for Canadian Artists and Patrons of the Arts to support and communicate with each other. Crowdfunding is an exciting initiative around the world where communities of people are funding all sorts of initiatives in a brand new way. Opportunities for Canadians to crowdfund were severly limited and there was no dedicated resource for the Arts which we felt was very important. We hope that together we can create an entirely new source of funding for the Arts in Canada.


At Art Market Canada artists post artistic endeavours they wish to pursue. These endeavours are shared within the community and patrons of the arts provide support in exchange for benefits. These benefits can be anything as long as it is tangible. (CD's, tickets, workshops, lessons, prints, tickets etc.) Just use your imagination and be sure it is a tangible benefit. Every artistic endeavour has a funding goal and before funds are given to an artist their endeavour must reach 100% of the funding goal. If an endeavour is unsuccessful the funds raised are returned to the Art Market Canada accounts of the patrons that supported the endeavour. These patrons can then either recommit the funds to the same project if the artist chooses to relaunch their endeavour, commit the funds to another endeavour from a different artist or cash out from their account.

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Do you remember the way Google+ limited their membership at the outset? They did this to ensure that their community was ready to handle open traffic so that all the little issues could be resolved without becoming massive tasks. We are doing the same. In order to serve everyone better we are allowing an open registration to our mailing list. This will allow you to be a part of and follow the first artistic endeavours that go through Art Market Canada. We are also looking for a limited number of artists to participate in the beta trials of our service. Presently this is by invitation only (but you can certainly request an invitation from at this time. As soon as the initial beta trials are complete and we are confident that our service can handle open traffic we will announce the opening of the site to artist registrations to our mailing list first. Also you may have suggestions for us. Wed love to hear them. Just drop us an email at

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